Welcome to Trex.Nabaza.com - Trex Dinosaur Traffic Exchanger

Let your website(s) receive that Trex dinousaur of a traffic. When you join here, everyone is given time to browse the website for 30 seconds and I know you see longer than that, but anyways, so that members can get familiarize with the website and if a member is faster, they can signup for an account with the browsed website since you can pause your surfing.

Our Advantage:

Our goal is contact leads, increased membership for every member's websites, leads, and even sales. I am both an owner of a website and a surfer too, both manual and autosurf traffic exchangers, and I don't want robots but human beings surfing and browsing each another's websites. Since most of us in the business world don't have time to click even, this is the solution to your traffic needs - autosurf money earner and traffic earner in one. So see you all from the inside!

Our Features:

Initial Share Bonus: 1 = 1 x $0.0000005 share
Surf Refresh Time: 30 seconds - I see autosurf with longer surf time
Cash Bonus: Surf 100 websites first
Contest Cash Bonus: 0.0000005
Share Amount: 0.0000005
Maximum Shares: 10
Inactivity Time Limit: 10 days
Number of sites to surf: 100 websites before a user can receive signup bonus
Validation of website: You can validate your own website as long as it's according to terms
Free member Maximum Credit per day: 50 credits
Upgraded member Maximum Credit per day: 100 credits
Free member Daily ROI: 1%
Upgraded member Daily ROI: 2%
Site stats for both free and paid member will not be deleted.
Weekly email: Receive your weekly detailed stats